Power Art & Speed – Supreme art in creation!
Power Art & Speed is established to create unsurpassed enjoyment of the exquisiteness of art for the top-notch consumers of the society. Based in Taiwan, it sets up a platform for developing superior art into custom-made products. Every piece is limited edition, if not one-and-only.

Our first presentation is to bring forward the concept of “neoclassic art-geared supercar.” We debut with “Vicci 6.2 Emperor Series,” a rolling art built with the world’s unique Totemic Energy Art pioneered by Master Lee Sun-Don, known as “modern oriental Picasso,” and the utmost supercar high-tech craftsmanship represented by DiMora Motorcar, known as "American Rolls-Royce.” It is not only a limited edition, in total of 25 hand-made vehicles worldwide; each is also one-and-only in that it is festooned with a particular Totemic Energy painting exclusively selected from Master Lee’s “Great Treasure Gate Series.” The supercar buyer can also receive Master Lee’s original authentic painting in accordance with the car purchased.

With the world-unique Totemic Energy Art, every superior supercar is transformed into a legendary classic.