Story-Meet with Vicci 6.2, The Emperor Series

A Dream Supercar, Vicci Emperor, a Trend Leader
o discover is challenging but fun and enjoyable.
Now, when you finally discover your destiny . . . !

Discovery, Part I
In 1989 on a trip to Beijing Master Lee Sun-Don incidentally saw some centuries-old doorknockers, which represented Chinese traditional craftsmanship, were deemed waste and discarded as a result of urbanization. This saddened Master Lee, who had been appreciating the quintessence of ancient civilizations, especially the Chinese cultural heritage. To preserve the cultural antiques, in his ensuing travels to China, he gathered the abandoned artifacts as many as he could. This commitment later triggered his interests in creating artwork with doorknockers.

It is said that every object has its life – If we listen attentively, we can always hear what it has to say. Each pair of doorknockers, likewise, has its own life story, story yet to be told and heard – and perhaps, one of which would have been part of our memories. And now, the time has come for the doorknockers to tell their stories, stories spoken on canvas, through Master Lee’s brushwork.

Featuring the doorknockers, Master Lee creates “Treasure Gate Series” in early 2010 and “Great Treasure Gate Series” in 2014. Chinese traditional doorknockers, especially the ones made into the images of lion and dragon heads, were considered emblems of nobility and auspiciousness, and thereby often embellished in the front gates of the wealthy families and gentry households in late imperial China. Embellishing the centuries-old collectible doorknockers onto his painting, Master Lee sends guardianship, blessing, and favorable energies to the art collectors. Combining antiqued craftsmanship with modern lacquer paint, Master Lee traverses across time to enliven the beauty of old handicrafts, and moreover, he develops “neo-oriental contemporary aesthetics.”

Discovery, Part II
When Sir Alfred J. DiMora, President of DiMora Motorcar, was completing his design of the supercar Vicci, he knew some touching element still missing. He sought around and waited patiently.

One day he walked into the X-power Gallery in Beverly Hill of Los Angeles; he knew he found it – Master Lee Sun-Don’s Treasure Gate Series. “The explosive colors and powerful brushwork of Master Lee’s Totemic Energy Art was so breathtaking and overwhelming.” He said to himself, “Yes, this is what I have been looking for.”

“Master Lee was referred to as ‘modern oriental Picasso’. He had inspired many young artists and has many followers all over the world,” said Sir DiMora. Sir DiMora then made several visits to discuss the details with the X-Power Gallery at Beverly Hill regarding his collaborative project with Master Lee.

In 2014, Master Lee Sun-Don and Sir Alfred J. DiMora launched their collaborative endeavor In Art Revolution Taipei, an international art fair based in Taipei: the DiMora Vicci 6.2 Emperor Series, an epitome of rolling art. This automobile is the first supercar collaborative project between a western high-tech supercar company and an Asian artist.