The First Crossover between a Western Supercar Company and an Asian Artist

DiMora Vicci 6.2 Emperor Series combines 21st century automotive technology with contemporary master artwork to build a supercar with the timeless styling of the 1920s and 1930s. It opens up a Neoclassic Era of the supercar market.

On top of DiMora’s old retro styling, the Vicci 6.2 Emperor series is distinguished by Master Lee Sun-Don’s Totemic Emergy Art in 24-carat gold. Every Vicci 6.2 in the limited edition, the 25-car Emperor Series, features original artwork by Master Lee Sun-Don, and the buyer of each car will receive the painting along with the Vicci 6.2.

Totemic Energy Art: The “Great Treasure Gate Series”

Featuring the doorknockers, Master Lee creates “Treasure Gate Series” in early 2010 and “Great Treasure Gate Series” in 2014. Chinese traditional doorknockers, especially the ones made into the images of lion and dragon heads, were considered emblems of nobility and auspiciousness, and thereby often embellished in the front gates of the wealthy families and gentry households in late imperial China. Embellishing the centuries-old collectible doorknockers onto his painting, Master Lee sends guardianship, blessing, and favorable energies to the art collectors. Combining antiqued craftsmanship with modern lacquer paint, Master Lee traverses across time to enliven the beauty of old handicrafts, and moreover, he develops “neo-oriental contemporary aesthetics.”


DiMora is a world-famous automobile manufacturer honored as the Automotive Hall of Fame (in Michigan), with its “Clénet” selected as the Official Centennial Car in 1986, the year that President Ronald Reagan declared the Centennial Year of the Gasoline-Powered Automobile.

DiMora’s Clénet was referred to as “Drive Art” by American Automotive Age and the "American Rolls-Royce" by Fortune. Buyers included King Hussein of Jordan and American stars such as Sylvester Stallone, Rod Steward, Farrah Fawcett, etc.

In addition to automobiles, DiMora makes also custom motorcycle and ecological-friendly boat.

Vicci 6.2 Specifications

The handcrafted Vicci 6.2 Emperor Series carries a LS-A gasoline V8 engine and a high performance supercharged power train, with horse power 556/6100 rpm, torque newton-meter (ft-lb) 819 (604)/3800, and compression ratio 9.1:1. It can run from zero to 60 mph in 4 seconds, with 300 km/h maximum in speed. It is also equipped with doubly-endurable tire (P235/55ZR17) with gold leaf wheel hub caps and 24-carat cap of fuel tank. The interior includes carbon fiber fascia, Italian genuine leather seat, and other electronic-operated devices.

Exclusive Technologies

The Vicci 6.2 Emperor Series has steel body-on-frame construction and is made with Carbon DiMora Fiber Design (DFD), which is DiMora’s exclusively developed formula regarding the ratio of carbon fiber and alloy. This Carbon DFD technology makes the car lighter, faster, with better bouncing capacity, and stronger crash resistance (six times tougher than steel). The Carbon DFD is standard, and the custom can choose the aluminum-hybrid AlurockTM material as optional.

24-Carat Gold over Engine Firewall

The driver seat and engine firewall covered with 24-carat gold are also made in Carbon DFD to increase crash resistance and protect against fire and high temperature.

Bumper Stickers and Suspection System

The front and rear bumper stickers are also made of DiMora exclusively-developed carbon fiber with steel inserts, connected with the chassis. A shock absorber is also equipped. Designed with triangulated 4-bar rear suspension, the crossmember has passages for the exhaust and for the drive shaft for a low center of gravity and improved handling.

Technical Support

The Vicci 6.2 Emperor Series is powered by General Motors’ LS engine and transmission, which can be maintained through the GM’s service centers around the world.